Satisfactory Progress Policy

Applies to all enrolled students


Satisfactory Academy Progress Reports are generated at 450, 900 and 1200 hours for Cosmetology students & 100 hours for Nail Technician or Esthetician students.  Hours are the actual clocked in hours not scheduled hours.  Students may request additional reports in the main office at any time.  Progress reports will be reviewed with student by a staff member to determine satisfactory progress status.



The maximum time a student has to complete is 150% of the program length.



Full Time –10 months to complete (maximum 15 months)
Part Time –18 months to complete (maximum 27 months)

Esthetician & Nail Tech:

Full Time –12 weeks to complete (maximum 18 weeks)

Part Time - 5 months to complete (maximum 7 ½ months)

Instructor Cosmetology:

Full Time....... 3 months to complete (maximum 4 ½ months)


All students must maintain at least a 67% cumulative attendance average in order to be considered making satisfactory progress and to complete the program within the maximum time frame.

Transfer hours accepted from another institution are counted as attempted & completed hours for purpose of determining if/when the allowable maximum timeframe has been exhausted.



Student must pass every course at 80%. Michigan State Board written exam requires 70%.

All students must fulfill the requirements of the State Board concerning the number of minimum practical applications in each area and that amount of time spent in each area.

A    91-100         Excellent

B     81- 90          Good

C       70-80         Satisfactory

D       60-69         Unsatisfactory

F       < 60            Failing


Satisfactory Progress Policy-

The minimum progress requirements are: 80% GPA and 67% attendance. Theory tests and practical work are used to evaluate the student’s academic progress. Students failing to meet minimum progress requirements will be placed on an academic warning or probation for one month with the opportunity to meet requirements for the next evaluation period.  At the end of the warning or probationary period, the student’s progress will be re-evaluated.  If the student is meeting minimum requirements in both academics and attendance, he or she will be determined to be making satisfactory progress.  If the student fails to meet minimum requirements, he or she could be moved from warning to probationary status or from probationary status terminated status from Title IV programs and may be terminated from the school.  No more than four (4) probationary periods will be allowed during the program.  Student may re-establish satisfactory academic progress by increasing attendance up to maximum allowed by state (40 hrs/wk) & by retaking any failed tests.  Instructors will oversee student in warning or probation status to develop academic plan to ensure student is able to meet satisfactory academic progress.

Students re-enrolling or transferring from one program in the school to another within the school will enter with the same academic progress status at previous enrollment or course.

Note:  Attendance is evaluated on a cumulative basis.  At each evaluation point, the attendance for the month will be added to attendance from the preceding months to determine whether the student will complete the course within the maximum time frame established in the Satisfactory Progress Policy.

Satisfactory progress in attendance and academic work is a requirement for all students enrolled in this school.  Note:  Students receiving funds under any Federal Title IV financial aid program must maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue eligibility for such funds.


Leave of Absence:

Students returning from a leave of absence or other official interruption of training must return to school in the same satisfactory progress status prior to their departure. A leave of absence may extend the students contract by the same number of days in the contract.