Course Description

Our skin care program will train you in chemistry, anatomy and physiology providing essential information regarding treatment decisions with the Bioelements skin care system.

Skin analysis
Facials massage/mask therapy
Skin theory/practical training
Hair removal
Health of skin/nutrition
Make-up application/techniques
Product/sales knowledge


Facials, skin analysis, massage for the face, mask therapy, hair removal (waxing), and skin nutrition, practical training, aromatherapy, make-up application and technique, skin disorders and diseases, skin structure, product usage, product sales and knowledge.


Full-Time Esthetician: 35-40 Hours are required per week. The course, for full and part time, takes 400 hours (the first 100 spent in the classroom as a junior student, the rest are spent out on the floor as a senior student working on clients).

Part-Time Esthetician: 20-40 hours are required per week

Every other Saturday is required, after accomplishing the 100 hours and becoming a senior student.

School Hours

9:00am – 4:30pm Monday-Friday

8:30am – 4:00pm Saturday


All French Academy Students must pass with a minimum of 80% grade level in all Subjects.

Dress Code

Black pants or skirt.
Black or white shirt
No sleeveless shirts.
Totally enclosed black shoes.
Apron and name tag (that are provided) must be worn at all times.

Grading System

A 91 – 100 Excellent
B 81 – 90 Good
C 70 – 80 Average
D 60 – 69 Unsatisfactory
E 0 – 60 Failing

Full Time

Tuition Total: $4,545.00
Total Hours: 400 hours
Length of Classes: 12 weeks

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Part Time

Tuition Total: $5,660.00
Total Hours: 400 hours
Length of Classes: 5 months

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Revised date March 23, 2018 - Call for current pricing 6 months after revised date

A non-refundable Application fee of $100.00 is due the day student signs Enrollment Agreement contract.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, check or money order.