Start loving what you do.  It's time to turn Pro!

The time has come to talk with you about a key decision you must make in order to get your career on the fast track. 

At some point all people who receive joy and peace with a career, start doing what they love to do.  Are you doing what you love?  If not, then it's time to turn Pro.  It's time to turn to the Pro's to train you to be the best at it.

How you ask?  By enrolling in an elite academy that teaches you to be the best Hair stylist, Esthetician, or Nail technician.

French Academy of Cosmetology is that school and they have classes starting next week, April 8th.  There is still time to get enrolled.

Did I mention they have financing available?  Yes, you might qualify to receive aid to help you become a pro.  Read more here for financial aid or you can visit with our School Code 041411 to apply.

You can ENROLL by clicking here

For more information or to talk directly with a French Academy about their upcoming classes call 616-844-7070