As you wake up on these chilly West Michigan Lakeshore mornings, do you grab your gloves as you head off to work or take your kids to school?  French Academy of Cosmetology students sure do. Sadly, they know that there are some in our community that don't have the simple luxury of a pair of gloves or mittens to put on.  They want you to help them do something about it.

Imagine those days of standing in the cold waiting for the bus to come.  Now think back to that time and having to stand there without mittens.  I get a chill down my back thinking about it.  Being students themselves they know the beauty of putting on warm mittens as they head to school.

If you want to aid French Academy of Cosmetology in making sure that all our kids have warm hands this winter, then drop off your new or slightly used mittens off to their location in downtown Spring Lake, Michigan.

French Academy of Cosmetology is located at 111 W. Exchange St., Spring Lake, MI 49456.  You can contact them at 616-844-7070


*All work is done by a senior student under the supervision of a licensed Instructor