Are you looking for a way to take your cosmetology skills to the next level?  Do you love how you love your clients and want to make it even better.  And do it within minutes from your home here in Muskegon.   A need of all of us is the need to grow.  What is one of the best ways to grow?  Teach others!  As you teach you have to come up with many different ways to illustrate to a student how to accomplish the task at hand.  What a great way to improve your own cosmetology skills, you will be amazed at your development as you engage with your students.


As you start your instructor training at French Academy, you will become skilled in the art of practicing, showing and teaching students all of the information they need to know about nails, hair, and skin from the tiniest detail to a gigantic detail and the smallest steps to the biggest steps. Along the way you will not only help your students find the confidence, desire and the joy in this fast growing career, but will realize your confidence and desires have grown as well.


Contact French Academy of Cosmetology at 616-844-7070 to further your career today