Would learning from a People's Choice award winner help you?

When learning a new career, it is very beneficial to be learn your new art from best.  Having a foundation of excellence as the base for your education, will give you the confidence needed.

French Academy of Cosmetology is a People's Choice award winning facility, as the Best Nail Salon.  This award testifies to the quality of the instructors and staff.  The same group that will provide you with technical expertise and also allow you to then put it into practice the art of a nail tech. 

Imagine when you have graduated and your new employer is reviewing your resume.  Will they be confident of your capabilities, since you studied at an award winning facility?  YES!  That is a great start to a career.

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New classes starting near Holland, Grand Haven,  or Muskegon in one month to learn manicures and pedicures. 

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