Are you looking for a place to learn how to become a Hair Stylist?

Many factors will go into your decision.  They include expertise of instructors, the environment of learning, and location in proximity to where you live.

All these are very important.  Let's first start with maybe the most important question.  If you can connect this question with the above question, you will give yourself a better opportunity to succeed. 

The question is, "What is you why?"

Why do you want to be a hair stylist?  What about this wonderful career attracts you?  Is there something about helping people look beautiful, that touches you?

If and when you name this "why", will you find the answers to expertise, location or curriculum come into focus. The decision as to where to train becomes easier.

We here at French Academy of Cosmetology would love to hear about your "why".   We would love to tell you about ours as well.  Hopefully they connect, and you will find training at French Academy the place for you.

To talk with a admission specialist, contact us at 616-844-7070.