Today is another chance to choose a path towards what you want to do.  Would waking up and having your day filled with following your passion, be a good day? 

Make today that day you choose to learn cosmetology.  In the classes that are starting August 26 near Holland, you will be taught the skills to be a great cosmetologist.  A current student stated, "because how the classes are scheduled, I am able to come learn and still keep my current job."

So today you can make the choice to start living a better life.  Will you? For us here at French Academy of Cosmetology, we love teaching excellence at cosmetology.   We hope to instill a bit of that love in your new career.

If you are seeking a way to help people realize their beauty and make it your career, then today is the day that you can make the decision to start down a different road.

NEW classes are starting very soon,  Monday, August 26th.  Don't delay as registration will be closing within a couple of weeks.  You can fill out your registration hereDo it today!

Make sure and asking if you qualify for financial aid.

Let French Academy of Cosmetology show you how cosmetology is done!

You can sign up by clicking on this easy form and completing it.  You can also contact us at 616-844-7070 if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you on the August 26th!