Would you like to know how to learn cosmetology?  Do you realize the best place to learn is right near Grand Haven?

That's right!  Minutes away from Grand Haven on November 4, the next set of classes will start.  You can be on your way to a new career within the next 2 weeks.

Would you like a new career, where you control your own destiny? Then learning cosmetology is the answer.

Are you creative and enjoy making the world the most beautiful place? Then these classes starting near Grand Haven are the answer for you.

Is working in a fun and enjoyable work setting a dream for you?  Cosmetology is what you are looking for.

French Academy of Cosmetology, the top cosmetology school in West Michigan, is starting new classes on how to learn cosmetology.  November 4 is right around the corner, when the next set of classes begins. 

Call a dedicated class administrator to get signed up and learn about your eligibility for financial aid.  They can be reached at 616-844-7070.  Or you can start online by clicking here.