What is the best way to start a cosmetology career?

This is a great question that we get asked here at French Academy.  And from our experience with the 1000's of students who have come through our training and moved on to successful careers, it comes down to a few key components.  Let's start the first key with a question of our own.  

Why do want to start a career in cosmetology?

The answer to this question will be the foundation to how you do in cosmetology career.  French Academy or any other school can teach you the techniques of cosmetology.  It is the "why" do you want to be here, and what we focus on first, that will be the base we continually go back to build up.  Your "why" is what sets you on a course to success. 

A second key to a long lasting career in cosmetology is learning "how" to do it right.  If you get this key, it is what starts to separate you from the rest of the people in beauty salons across the country.  We at French feel this is of such importance, that we have created a course to teach individuals to become great instructors.  Learning how to do the right techniques at the right time are going to be a critical factor, as you start to grow relationships with customers.  Customers that will keep coming back again and again.

But the third and final key, though listed last, has as much importance as the past two keys we have mentioned.  You need to learn in an "environment" that is encouraging and at the same time challenging.  A place where you feel wanted and have the ability to practice your art.  It is this "environment" that will propel you into a wonderful career in cosmetology.

The next set of classes, that focus on these 3 important keys, start near Holland in just one week.  There may be still time to get started, but you will need to contact French Academy today.  They can be reached at 616-844-7070.  You can also start the enrollment process by completing the online enrollment form by clicking here.