Here is a great look for fall we found.


Try this beautiful rich red hair color with golden caramel highlights. Hair Colorist Alexa Brie Shaw from Charlotte, North Carolina, created this hair color.  Here is the How-to:


Starting Level:  This lovely head was previously about a level 4 dark brown with blonde and caramel highlights.

Step 1:   To get this started you need to make sure those blondes are getting the proper amount of coverage or you might just find yourself with pink hair after a couple washes. Make sure to ask your stylist to “fill” your blonde strands anytime you go darker. We filled her blondes first with a 6R from Shades-Eq

Step 2:   Red overall color was established with Prava 5RR with an added kick of Prava Red Additive. Remember: color can NOT lift color; in this case I added an extra kick of red to get that rich brighter appearance.

Step 3:   After the application of the red at the base I added caramel highlights with a low level 5 Vol Bleach. This whole head was only about 10 foils.  Bring a lot of contrast with little color, because sometimes less is more.

Step 4:   Upon rise-out I let my caramels get saturated with the red hair color to give it a little bit of added warmth.