Do you enjoy improving the look of people, by proposing ideas to them to make them look grand?  What if you could do this all day and make money while you are doing it? There is a place, minutes from Grand Haven, you have to come see

We at French Academy of Cosmetology will teach you how to take your enjoyment of assisting friends and family look better, and turn it into a career.

We will teach you how to improve someone’s hair by giving it a proper and professional cut.

You can expect to learn how to make someone’s fingernails or toenails grab a viewer’s attention with our Nail Technician course study.

Do you love smooth skin?  French licensed trainers will teach you in our Esthetician training all you need to know about making your clients skin radiant.

All of this available to you, when you sign up for your next class at French Academy of Cosmetology, do it today. 

Classes are starting soon don't delay.  Call us at (616) 844-7070