What does career look like to you? 

There are many answers to this question.  The reason being, each of us has a different perspective based on our own decisions and choices before now.  Now there may be nuances that are similar with others, but each of our stories has brought us to this very place in time. 

Story is the influence of our why.  We each have a why.  What is your story around your career?

No matter where you are at this current moment, what is more important is where are you going?

You have a choice and can change your story…change your career.   You have a choice as to what your career story will look like.  The next question becomes, what are you going to do?  And as important where are you going to go to improve your story?

Can I make a suggestion for a place to go to improve your story?

French Academy of Cosmetology specializes in the improvement of people’s lives by teaching them the art and science of cosmetology.  The students who attend French Academy then can take this training to make the world a beautiful place. 

Located in beautiful Spring Lake, Michigan, French Academy offers individual instruction and care for their students.  It is this personal touch which allows graduates of French Academy to go wherever they want to go.  This attention to the personal touch is what sets them apart.

New classes are starting fill up.  To learn about the program, contact a school admission expert at 616-844-7070.  You can start the enrollment process by clicking here