Are looking for a change in your career?  You can start soon by helping to change your career by changing "looks"!  There are cosmetology classes starting June 17, 2013 near Holland. We at French Academy of Cosmetology will teach you how to make a "look" and help your clients realize the beauty that lies deep within them already.  You are probably already doing it for friends and family, why not turn it into a career.


We will teach you how to make someone’s hair "wow".   You will also learn the techniques to create fingernails or toenails that grab a viewer’s attention with our Nail Technician course study. Do you love smooth skin that glows?  French licensed trainers will teach you in our Esthetician training all you need to know about making your clients skin radiant.

All of this available to you, when you sign up for the class starting June 17th at French Academy of Cosmetology.  Do it today before tuition prices increase on June 1st.  Call us at (616) 844-7070