"I live in Grand Haven.  Are there any cosmetology classes here, that are starting soon?"

Is this a question that you have because of your resolution to turn 2014 into a better way of living?

If this is you, then the next question that might be running through your mind is; "Which is the best cosmetology school for me?"  And maybe more importantly....WHY?

It is the connection of your WHY with a school designed around the critical WHY's of cosmetology that will give you the best opportunity to learn and ultimately thrive in the cosmetology industry.

It is the understanding that these WHY's must connect that sets French Academy apart from other cosmetology schools in the Grand Haven and along the lake shore.  There are many beauty schools out there that will teach you the proper way to cut and design hair or revitalize a client's skin.  But in order to be successful in this business, it is the deep understanding of WHY you  do what you do.

What the instructors at French Academy of Cosmetology have learned is that each of their students is unique.  And taking this wonderful uniqueness into account, allows them to incorporate multitude of  learning styles to enhance the WHY's of their students.  This allows the students to capture more information or technique, and is therefore a best way to learn cosmetology.

The first cosmetology classes for 2014 are starting January 20th.  Call French Academy admissions specialist at 616-844-7070 to enroll today.  You can also start the enrollment process by clicking here.