Let's start off 2014 right by learning how to enhance someone's beauty

We are 13 days into the New Year of 2014.  Do not let the calendar slip onto day 14 before you make the decision to go for that new career.  You love doing beauty consultations for those close  friends and family, who live near Holland or maybe in Grand Haven or up in the Muskegon area.

Why not improve the love you have for an amazing art with better skills?   Skills that will set you apart.

You have the most important part already.  A passion for how others look.  By taking an upcoming cosmetology class, you will only enhance that love and passion.  Imagine how your clients will feel about the new hair style you have created, when they show up at work, and receive loads of compliments.

You can do it.  You can make 2014 the year to move forward with living your passion every day.  Call French Academy today to get signed up for their upcoming beauty making class.  You can reach an Admission Specialist at 616-844-7070.  Call them right now!