Learning the best cosmetology is more than being taught the proper hair cut or skin care or polished nails.  It is taking those expertise's and enhancing them for your clients. A major part of the encounter you have with a business is the appreciation you feel and service that you receive.  Do you agree?

To some of us this comes easy.  But to most of us, we need to learn it.

But what do we want?  Something deep inside each one of us is seeking more than an encounter at a restaurant or fitness club or hair salon/day spa.  It is a slight word change, but a huge difference.  We want an experience.  Think about it in this context, “I just had an encountered with someone”, or “I just had an experience with someone.”  Big difference, right?

The question then becomes, do you want the clients at your salon to have an encounter or give you an experience.

Why not be taught by instructors who know this difference and will teach you how to bring it into your own practice.

The instructors at French Academy can show you how to create a beauty experience.  This is the best way to go.

There are classes starting June 17.  Don't delay and call them at 616-844-7070.

French Academy of Cosmetology is the place you experience beauty.

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