Today is the day, that you have the opportunity to choose EXCELLENCE! Will you have it tomorrow?  Did you have it yesterday?  YES!

But we are not there....we are in today.

So today you can make the choice to start living a better life.  Will you? For us here at French Academy of Cosmetology, we love being excellent at hair styling, making nails say... WOW, or revitalizing skin back to how it should be.   We love what we do and think that you might love it too.

If you have been curious, wondered, or are looking for a way to help people and receive income for it, then you have an opportunity today.

That opportunity is the NEW classes starting next week Monday, April 8.  And yes there is still time to grab hold of the opportunity to do what you love.

Let us show how!

You can sign up by clicking on this easy form and completing it.  You can also contact us at 616-844-7070 if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you on the April 8th!