Being Your Own Boss Can Be A Rewarding Endeavor

Did you realize that by attending cosmetology school, that upon graduation you are an entrepreneur? 

From that point on in your career, decisions can be made on a personal basis for the betterment of you and your family. Even in working at a salon, you have the wonderful opportunity to build a clientele that will come back to see you again and again.  You are in charge of what your cosmetology career look and feels like.  Your name will be on the license.

Specializing in Cosmetology at French Academy

There are number of specialties that are offered by French Academy, the premier cosmetology school on the Lakeshore. Depending on your specific skill set and desires, you can choose to graduate with a major in the following specialized areas:

  • Aesthetics – Esthetics – Skin Care
  • Cosmetology Teacher Training
  • Hair Styling
  • Nail Technology – Manicuring

You have heard that the sky is limit on some opportunities.  Being your own boss in cosmetology is one of those opportunities as far as income is concerned. As you focus on serving your clientele and their needs, you will grow in popularity and experience.  This will build consistency and the ability to increase your rates as time goes by. The goal is to offer services that WOW your clients.  They will then gladly share with their friends and family the person who beautifully styled their hair. 


You also may be able to choose more specifically who you want your clients to be. Does working with celebrities or the underprivileged entice you? Being your own boss will allow you to help with charities that you care about, and thus changing the lives of those the charities serve.

Another Benefit

Another benefit of  a career in cosmetology is that you’ll be able to work in an atmosphere that doesn’t have the restrictions of an office. Are you a person not cut out to work in the corporate world.  You will enjoy having a more freedom and fun and can progress through a career that will match your personality.

Does this sound like a life that you would like to live?

Can you see yourself as your own boss?

Then you need to call  French Academy to learn more about the training that you will receive.  Call them at 616-844-7070.  If you live in Grand Haven, Holland, or Muskegon then they have new classes starting soon.

You can also start the "become your own boss" process by filling out your information here.