Are you looking for a career that you can build upon?  Is it your hope to be in control of your success? A career in cosmetology might just be your ticket to helping people with their beauty.  French Academy of Cosmetology is giving you a chance to learn this life changing craft starting June 17, 2013.  There is financial aid available and you can see if you qualify here.

Imagine being excited to wake up, because you are helping and engaging with people you love on a daily basis.  The art that you will learn in your training will give you everything that you will need to bring beauty into the world every day.

Would you like to learn more?  Then complete the information at this link and you will be contacted.  Do it right now as June 17 is approaching very fast.  Remember to check your eligibility for financial aid. You can enroll here, or call 616-844-7070 today.